Saturday, August 11, 2012

Greed: BlogFlash 2012 Day 11

There are several things that I cannot have in the house, because if I do, my innate greed will take over and I will partake of them until they are gone. And to heck with housework, or even common courtesy, in the process.

The first is, without a doubt, an open can of black olives. I will fight you for those suckers like they were the last ones on Earth.

Dito mint chocolate chip ice cream. Except it has to be the green kind, with the tiny teeny chips that were probably made by swirling chocolate melts into the green mint stuff. And about the green coloring: look, I try to be healthy with my veggies and salads and fruits, but we are talking MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP HERE. I want mine to be green.

Still, if it's in the freezer, I'll invent all sorts of silly excuses to go into the kitchen and snitch a scoop. "Pardon me, I simply must go and wash all the sporks."

When I make mushroom ravioli with more mushrooms in the sauce for me and hubby. My tum can be blown up to the size of a kettle drum, and yet I'll go back for Just One More Ravioli. It's dangerous, probably.

Any book by Ann Tyler or Johanna Garth. When those suckers are in my house, forget it, I'll be reading in the corner. Champagne party going on? Kk, I'll be right there, after this one last chapter.

Perhaps confession is good for the soul. These are the things that make me salivate and act slightly subhuman.

PS - If you want to know more about blogflash, do go and visit Terri Long's blog here. 


Lisa Shambrook said...

I love mint choc chip ice cream...been my favourite since I was a little girl! And your mushroom ravioli sounds heavenly...doesn't help that I'm reading this right before dinner! Mmmmm!

Lillie McFerrin said...

OH, mint chocolate chip is my weakness. If it's in the house, it's on my mind, beckoning me ;) Great post!

Randy said...

I like green cream
I like black O's
But nothin' tops
My chocolate Ho Ho's
The end .