Friday, June 3, 2016

Darkness Rising - Redemption #epicfantasy

Darkness Rising - Redemption available on Amazon

Ross Kitson, fantasy author extraordinaire, has just published part 6 of the Darkness Rising series. Part SIX! If you've been keeping tabs on the series, each book fits into a large scheme of plot, characters, and perhaps the most amazing world-building I've ever seen.
Have a look at some of the adventure and battle coming your way in his new book:
'There's no change without loss. No gain without sacrifice. Redemption is rarely painless.'
War has ripped apart Artoria as the dark forces of Vildor prepare for the final battle. Flying north to battle, Lady Orla forms an uneasy alliance with the Artorians. Yet her heart remains heavy with the guilt of recent betrayal.
In the wilderness of the Wastes, Emelia has succumbed to Vildor's black charm and watches helplessly as his schemes come to their terrible conclusion. Separated from his partner, Hunor, the Wild-Mage Jem races across Artoria to save Emelia. But more than just Vildor stands in his way as the terrors of the past seek to steal the might of the crystals from his grasp, and with them all hope of salvation.
The final book in the epic fantasy series, Darkness Rising- Redemption brings the incredible journey to its thrilling conclusion.
Take a look at Kitson's reviews:
'Tightly plotted, very well-written books, with a multitude of engaging characters.'  The British Fantasy Society
'Each page is a new rush of tension, mystery and adrenaline.' Amazon reviews.
'A finely crafted and unique fantasy novel which had me hooked from the first page.' Amazon reviews.
You can buy Darkness Rising - Redemption on Amazon US and UK

Ross M Kitson works during the day as a consultant in Intensive Care and Anaesthesia in the UK. He is married with three lovely children who soak up most of his free time. His works include the Prism series of epic fantasy, and the YA sci-fi adventures of the Nu-Knights.
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