Saturday, August 25, 2012

In the Weeds - BlogFlash 2012

The actual prompt is supposed to be In the Woods, but alas, I am definitely in the weeds instead. If any of you ever waited tables, then you know that dreaded feeling.
Yeah, she has no clue if this is what you really ordered.

But if you haven't had the pleasure, here's what being in the weeds is like:

You have everything under control. Orders are placed, drinks are served. Out of the blue, a eight top is seated in your section. The crowd is pushy and demanding - they want drinks, then they change their minds. They send back the bread and demand more. They want their appetizers reheated.

At the same time, the other tables still need their orders and drinks, but now it's all starting to wheel out of control. The cook makes a mistake on one plate and it gets sent back. You spill a drink. One person orders hot tea, requiring milk, cup, that fiddly little tea pot, and the huge chest of tea bags.

At that point, it has happened - you are In the Weeds. 

And I fear that is where I am at present, between blogs and edits and books. Believe me, I'd much rather be in the woods.

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Unknown said...

Oh dear. I really feel for you. it is such a time consuming thing, writing and then there's the replies and comments to others. just remmeber, that this blogflash should be fun. I hope you find yourself out of the darn weeds quickly. x