Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cooking - BlogFlash 2012

It is time to dig up the EZ Bake and start cooking by lightbulb again. My daughter loves the miniscule cakes and tiny cookies.

You can find recipes for the EZ Bake on the web. I mean, you can actually cook from scratch by a lightbulb. We've made cheese quesadillas and pizza, as well as Pink Velvet Cake and other desserts with real flour and butter, not mix from a bag.

I'm fascinated with alternate ways to cook food. My husband and I once went to aKorean restaurant. One dish was served in a hat stone bowl; the food continued to cook in the bowl as he ate. He said it was one of his best meals ever.

I found one recipe for Bidimbap, which is stone pot food, courtesy of the Food Network. You can see it here.

Of course, you can always cook a hotdog or make toast by a lamp, but there are cool ways of alternate cooking. There are fire pits for clambakes and huge iron pits for roast pig. 

I want to try them all.


Cally Jackson said...

All this talk of food is making me hungry! :-)

Dwight Okita said...

I was a trailbrazer as a boy. I had my own EZ Bake Over too! Loved to eat the cakes and frosting. My brother made fun but he ate the cakes all the same!

Alison DeLuca said...

Cally, I"m always hungry!

And, Dwight, you can come over and bake with us any time :)