Monday, August 6, 2012

Reading - BlogFlash Day 6

Where do  I start? Well, let's start with the fact that my mother used to call us "Desperate Readers." That meant that if you didn't hear anything from one of us for a while - me, my mother, my sister, or my dad - you could be certain of finding us frozen, head in a book.

To add to the desperation, we didn't even have to be sitting at the time. Standing like a stork, one foot drawn up, hovering over the  kitchen counter, brushing teeth, eating... all this was done with a book in hand.

Try to talk to us when we got in that state, and you would have to break through. Friends found it extremely irritating when I didn't answer back. But I was lost in my own little world, you see. 

And it didn't even have to be a book, or a novel. My sister and I used to love to read  the encyclopedia. Or old magazines, or letters, backs of cereal boxes of course...

We were poor in those days, and we used to line our  drawers with newsprint since we weren't able to afford drawer liners. When one of us had to clean out a drawer, couldn't we be found an hour later, reading the old drawer liner? Probably with a pair of  socks in the other hand, too.

So, there are good readers, and challenged readers, and there are Desperate Readers. How many of you join me in this group?


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Yes, but not quite as desperate as you, my friend.

Just finished the Tea Rose Triology, reading every spare moment until after 2000 pages, developed an eye twitch from overuse.

Looking forward to my next trilogy due to come out shortly, Alison.

Alison DeLuca said...

Any day now! And you are quite the reader, my friend. :)

Amanda said...

oh I most certainly fall into the "Desperate Reader" category. I read while I brush my teeth, cook my dinner at the stove and any other time I "desperately" need to occupy my mind and pass the time while doing other mundane tasks. Glad to know I am not the only one out here doing that!!

Anonymous said...

I used to fall in to the "Desperate Reader" category, but these days I need my hands to help me get from room to room and I haven't seen a frame you can brace on your shoulders to balance a book on!

Loved the post, Allie. It conjured some great images! :o)