Friday, August 10, 2012

Success - BlogFlash 2012

This is a tough one to write, since I haven't really attained full success.

Except for that time, eight years ago, when I looked across a hospital room into the largest brown eyes I'd ever seen.

Or when my cousin and I won Most Creative and the smallest trophy ever in the sandcastle competition. We built a cake out of sand. I was ten. That was cool.
Not the sandcastle we built.

Or when I was nearly an hour late for my own wedding because traffic was so backed up on I95 that the limo was super late. And my girls and I all packed into my mini Toyota - with the flowers, and the dress all bunched up around me like an inside out cupcake. And I called the church in a panic and got a clueless altar boy.Yet my guy still waited at the altar for me, so : WINNING.

Or when I found jeans that fit really well on the clearance rack with a further 30% discount. Major, major score.

Or that one night, in the summer of 2000, when I typed the words The End and realized I had just finished an entire novel. It was pure drivel and will never see the light of day, but still - I had just proved to myself that I could sit and write an entire book.

Or when we went trick-or-treating and the Mostellers were handing out large size Hershey Bars. YESSSSS.
More Sustaining Than Meat. 

So maybe success isn't one blinding flash of change-your-life balloons from the ceiling get on the news difference engine. Perhaps it's just a series of small things that add up, in retrospect, to a pretty damn good life.


Elisabeth Crisp said...

I love your examples. Wonderful!

David M. Brown said...

A series of successful incidents there Alison.

I think success is something different to all of us. You have enjoyed plenty of it reading this post :)