Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sports - BlogFlash 2012, Day "I'm confused and behind on my posts"

I'm blogging this month with Terri Long and a group of bloggers. 

(Prepare for whining disclaimer here)

I have missed a few days because I am preparing to get THREE books up on Amazon. So, yeah. I'm behind.

And, coincidentally, that's the perfect position for me in a blog about sports. I'm a really bad athlete, so when I was forced to play sports in the past, or when I do athletic stuff now, I'm waaaayyy behind everyone else. 

Fistbump to my readers who picked up on what I just did there.

For example, when I went on my honeymoon my new husband and I met three other couples. We hung out and did couple stuff, like mini golf. And guess who came in dead last in that golf game?

However, when the resort threw a song-writing competition, I was able to contribute. Writing? Lyrics? On a set topic? Yup, I could do that. And win. Ha!

I've been thinking that it would be really cool if there were sports teams for people like me - hopelessly bad athletes who would still like to learn the game. We'd need a patient coach, someone who would teach slow, clueless adults how to play softball and soccer. 

And, coach, it would be sweet if you give us a chance to write about it. We'll rock that part.


Unknown said...

I will be your coach, Alison!
P.S. You are not "slow" or "clueless"

Unknown said...

See that other "funny"? That was me!

Anonymous said...

If I wasn't disabled, I could be your dancing coach (dancing is now considered a sport) and have you dancing in time to music within 15-20 mins!! Been there, done it, got a million t-shirts!!!

You are NOT slow and clueless, you're just athletically challenged!

Great post though and loved the cartoon!

David M. Brown said...

Great post Alison.

Most bloggers in this challenge seem to have struggled with sports. I'm no exception. Our minds are the athletic parts of our bodies. We're too creative for sports :)