Sunday, August 12, 2012

Celebration: BlogFlash 2012 Day 12

Our house has been doing a lot of celebrating lately. We held our annual swim party last weekend, and Game Night was last night, with a group of dear friends. This means that at the moment, I'm tired, sitting in a kitchen that needs a really good mopping up, and I'm a bit hungover as well.

The year seems to be pinned to the wall by celebratory dates. Everything is going along, normal normality, and then - boom! it's a birthday. Or an anniversary. Or the first leaf fell, whatever. 

That means I need to take a deep breath, clean the house (especially the windowsills, which I just discovered were coated with dust behind the window frames) go to Costco, get out my gladrags, etc. etc.

I complain a great deal throughout this process.

And when the day comes, and the friends arrive, and the conversation and the laughter starts, I get into Celebration Mode and it is all worth it. It's more than worth it - it's that great connection between friends and family a few times a year. After all, no matter how we pray or vote, we all act quite alike when that grill starts to sizzle. 

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Unknown said...

I really liked this! The imagery and emotion were fantastic!