Thursday, August 9, 2012

Journey: BlogFlash2012 Day 9

One day I'm going to take a different kind of journey. For one thing, I won't have to pack as much stuff : no teddy bears, no paper dolls, no Monster High junk. I won't have to pack bags and bags of snacks.

We'll get on our way early because a certain someone won't have to run back inside because she forgot a certain Blankie, or Otter, or Wombat. (She really does have a Wombat.)

When we arrive, we won't have to go to every single gift shop in the airport. We won't have to stop at "Ozarkland" and have heart attacks at the prices. Finding a place that sells swim goggles won't be necessary. Ditto finding that one last souvenir, which means wanting to buy every single thing in the souvenir shop.

No one will have the top of their ice cream cone plop off onto the seat of the rental car, necessitating a complete turn around on an 8 lane highway to get more ice cream.

Nobody will refuse to go and see the St. Louis Arch or the Largest Ball of String in the World because they are playing Barbies. No, we will go and see that string and we will like it.

No gum in the hair, skinned knees, sharp elbow in my side, no heavy lump to be carried up to the hotel room at the end of a long day.

You know what? It just might not be as much fun.

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