Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Relaxing - BlogFlash 2012

Sun Tea : Relaxation in a glass. 

I just made a jug of it. The sound of the water gushing into the glass jar, the plops of the tea bags, then my own bare feet walking it outside. 

The smell of the basil plants and the sound of crickets. Early sunlight filters through the trees and highlights the amber tendrils of tea, already starting to brew in the heat.

White and purple wings dancing around the butterfly bush.

The taste on my tongue, tea and agave. Ice clinks and water beads against my hand.

With it, a white nectarine, so ripe that juice spills onto the plate as soon as I slice it.

The hush of a new day. 


Johanna Garth said...

Mmmm, thanks for that slice of summer relaxation!

Michael Di Gesu said...

What a fantastic way to start the day...

For me, with eyes half open, blinded by the streaming sunlight through my bedroom windows, I stumble into the dark kitchen, feel around for the coffee filter, drop it into the cup, pour the water into the cavity of the coffee maker, take a large whiff of the freshly ground beans, filling the filter, and finally flipping the switch... Aaah ....

Carol Kilgore said... I want to go on the patio. Except at 3:30ish on this August afternoon, the temperature is 96F. Shade and fans don't help much. Will wait until later.

Nice to meet you on Hart's blog.

Unknown said...

I can tatse this . . so refreshing and I'm there with you as your descriptions are just wonderful! xx

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful start to a summer day. I could almost feel myself hobbling along next to you. The imagery is fantastic - I love it!!