Saturday, August 4, 2012

Busy - BlogFlash Day 4

Day 4 of blogging with Terri Long:

Busy, huh? Good Lord, can't we all relate to this one? I feel as though I and most of my friends are juggling as fast as we can, as more balls (and running chainsaws and fiery torches) are thrown into the mix.

So here's what:

1. Writing, of course. I am close to the end of the final book of the Crown Phoenix series, but of course that is just the start of the process. 

2. Writing, again. Once I finish The South Sea Bubble, I'll turn to a story that has been brewing for months in my mind. 

3. Being a Mom - should really be number one, of course, since this is my most important job. 

4. Being a Wife - Alas, this role gets pushed to the back burner far too often, because of my other stuff, and because my husband is also juggling about twenty things at once. Must change that.

5. Being a Sister - I also need to spend time with my family, and that's a commitment, since they live far away.

6. Projects that I have Been Putting Off for Years - Like the boxes in the basement. 'Nuff said.

7. Edits - I'm lucky enough to have the chance to edit Rachel Tsoumbakos's second book, The Ring of Lost Souls. It's fantastic! In fact, it's so good that it deserves far more of my time than I can give at the moment.

8. Beta Reads - I have some beta reads of my own to do, as well as pure reading for pleasure. Joan Hazel's book The Last Guardian has been on my list for a while, and I must get back to it.

9. Reviews - I have a few book reviews that simply must get done. Like, NOW.

10. Blogs - This blog is second nature at this point, but I have promised a few other blog posts and I must get cracking on those. 

11. Housework - Just notice where this one is on the list. 
Ah, happy housework!

What do YOU have in the air and on the To-Do list?


Unknown said...

I feel we are cut from the same cloth . . . my 'Busy' had housework way down on the agenda too. There are so many other things that need my time. I liked the one on family. . . .a must have as it gives everything else we do purpose and stops us all getting carried away ;-) xx

Anonymous said...

I must admit I don't have as much on my 'to do' list as you at the moment. Mine all mainly revolve around writing book 2 of Heart Search and finishing the editing once a certain someone has beta read the ms I've edited - not mentioning any names of course, lol.
But I have things in the wings which may make me busier and I may be making some serious decisions regarding my piblishing future in the next few days which will have a major impact on how busy I am!

However I can relate to how many things one can have on a 'to do' list and I used to juggle too. I do sympathise!

Great post though and very typically you (I mean that in a good way!) xoxo