Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Furry Friend

 Celebrating BlogFlash 2012 with Terri Long. This is Day 2.

Her name was Bim. She was the female of two kittens I got during a time of bad trouble. The male, Bo,  was a large Maine Coone Cat, and he could fetch, like a dog.

When I had to get rid of Bo, Bim came into her own. For one thing, she never grew up. She stayed small, like a little "catlet," and she loved to drink from a running tap. She had false eyelashes; her markings around her eyes made her look like some sort of Disneyfied fish.

One night, while I was studying for my TESOL exams, I went to bed exhausted, forgetting that I had left a soft pretzel in the oven. Bim kept bugging me as I tried to sleep, and I, to my shame, kept shooting her with a water pistol because I wanted to sleep. 

Finally I smelt the burning pretzel. She had been trying to tell me that I needed to get up and turn off the oven.

She used to sleep like a round, furry button right by my stomach. That kept me warm in my chilly apartment, when we couldn't afford the heat. 

Bim was a good cat.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely memory. Sounds like Bim was really clever - the pretzel incident is the sort of thing a dog would do!

Had to laugh about you shooting her with a water pistol!

Allison Bruning said...

My two cats are small like that. Isn't interesting how they try to communicate with you?

Unknown said...

Aww, what a clever pussy cat Bim is! The water pistol made me laugh and I know I shouldn't! A lovely read. xxx

Alison DeLuca said...

Thanks, everyone! Writing this made me remember my little cat and how warm she was when she cuddled up with me at night. It was a real pleasure to share this memory with you!

jenny milchman said...

She sounds like the Lassie of cats...