Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Stuff I Love, Sugar-Free Version

I'm all about Halloween. Not obsessively so - I don't decorate the entire house, just plop out the same decorations (wreath kid made with spiders and bats, glowing eyeball lights in the bushes - really) and prod the husband to pick up a huge bag of candy at Costco.

But I do love the month of October. For one thing, the weather is so beautiful. Except for today, of course; the sky is grouchily covered with clouds as if to say, "You writin' about ME?"

And I love the food associated with Halloween and October. Candy of course, but ever since I - I can hardly bear to say it - gave up sugar - that is out for me. No candy corn, no fun size, no pumpkin pie. I can still have pumpkin soup and pumpkin raviolis though, right? Right.

Here is a list of other Halloween and October stuff I love:

1. American Horror Story, season 2 - Season 1 was good, although I was disappointed in the Rubber Man story arc. But Season 2 looks like it could be seriously scary and horrifying, with an asylum, aliens, and nuns. SWEET! I'm not a horror movie fan, by which I mean: I scream like a tween at a 1 Direction concert and head my head and stuff. Still, I love horror books, and this series serves up enough thrills for my wuss self. Plus, I tape it and watch it at noon. Feel free to mock.

2. Retro H'ween stuff:

3. Buying costumes for my kid - Since the catalogues start coming out in August now, that's when Kid and I start shopping around. This year she is a Bride of Frankenstein, a cute, little girl version. I wanted the Eskimo Girl costume, (for her I mean) but maybe next year.

4. Seasonal Microbrews - I don't drink them myself but I vicariously enjoy it when the Husband pops open a spiced ale or an Oktoberfest. It just sounds so autumn-ish.

5. Cool nights - Apparently, along with the switch that turned off my metabolism, my body got kicked into super heat mode. Now I can sleep at night, since the room is chilly and I can snuggle under flannel sheets.

6. Horror books - Yep, I'm a fan. Here are a few I want to read:

7. Writing horror - I have an idea on the back burner that has been itching at me for a while now. I've got a really scary villain and a concept. As soon as I'm done with The South Sea Bubble, I'll let my first draft marinate and write my horror story. YESSSSSS

8. Bonfires.

9. Homemade soup. Chicken noodle, vegetable, carrot, cheese-ale - all good.

10. Beer bread.

11. Honey-Crisp Apples.

See? you can have fun without sugar at Halloween, and even during the entire month of October.


Connie J Jasperson said...

Yummy! Love homemade chicken soup!

And I've read Dark Places by Shaun Allan - it's beautiful, dark and scary. I will definitel check out 'John Dies at the End'. The title is quite intriguing!

Johanna Garth said...

I sort of stumbled and fell when I read no sugar! But good for you and I wish I could follow in your virtuous footsteps. :) Funny, I enjoy octoberfest beers vicariously too.