Monday, October 29, 2012

Preparing for Sandy

About this time last year we were getting ready for Halloween when a freak storm piled inches of snow on top of us (it was to be the only snow storm of the year, as it turned out.) Months before that we had endured Hurricane Irene.
Oh, poop.

And now, one day before trick or treating, Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on us, bringing wind and rain in her wake. Sitting here at my kitchen table, I can see plenty of leaves on the sodden ground already. I have the feeling that soon large branches and, perhaps, some trees will join the mix.

We prepared by buying milk and toilet paper, of course, AKA the necessities of life. Also, Spaghettios in cans. Not that we ever ate them before, but they were the closest thing to an MRI in the grocery store. I figure Hubby can punch through the lid with a pen and we can spoon them out with sporks, should the situation grow dire.
Bring. It. On.
There is one thing I forgot to buy, though - enough reading material. I'm coming to the end of 11-22-63 by King (it's excellent) so I really must go shopping. 

I certainly won't be driving anywhere, oh dear no. Instead I'll download some books for my iPad and have them for tonight and tomorrow:

Gone, Girl : Have been meaning to read this one for a while.

Heart Search (It's for those of you who heard all about Fifty Shades and didn't want to go quite that way - a WELL-WRITTEN love story and adventure.)

The Night Circus - Also been meaning to read this one for a long time but haven't had the chance. If I lose social media contact, that's my chance. NICE

The Body Wars - I loved Ednor Scardens, a book about coming-of-age in a Catholic neighborhood in Baltimore, so I can't wait to fire up this baby.

That should get me through the next thirty-six hours; if you don't hear from me tomorrow I'll be breaking into the Halloween candy (since trick-or-treating will, I fear, be a bust) and flipping the virtual pages.

Best of luck to my readers on the East Coast!


Johanna Garth said...

Those spaghettios look Halloween creepy. Keep safe in the storm and hopefully it will have passed by before Halloween!

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, man... I will NEVER be out of reading material. I have dozens of books on my kindle and probably close to 100 unread in my basement... I just seem to accumulate them faster than I read. I hope you and your family stay safe!!!

Christine Murray said...

Stay safe, thinking of you and your family x

Jolie du Pre said...

Yes, Sandy was quite destructive. Mother Nature is a scary thing.