Thursday, October 4, 2012


Recently I did my first flash fiction for Lascaux Flash. It was a lot of fun, and I got to read some amazing stories. 

The cool thing with flash fiction is the constraints - you are given a tiny time period and, in this case, only 250 words to create a story. That is really hard to do. If you have an extra hour, why not give it a try? It is a great writing exercise, and you'll find that it is very challenging to create something that is so short and yet still tells a story.

We were given a visual prompt, which you can see here. I immediately thought of mirrors, and I had an idea knocking about in the back of my mind already. Once I saw the prompt, I couldn't wait to get started.

Here is my attempt, for what it is worth,and I must caution you that it is for the 18+ age group.


I felt Snow’s breath on my neck after class. “Prince is mine,” she breathed. “Watch your ass.” I turned to say something, but she was already in motion, followed by her fangirls. Or boys - it was hard to tell.

Apples. I had to research apples for a science project. Besides, the library would be a safe place. AC splintered on my cheeks as I sat at a table and opened a book.

Apple trees take five years to produce their first fruit.

Another breath on my neck, but it was warm and male. “Hey,” Prince said. I concentrated on the page in front of me as he sat in the chair across from me.

The science of apple-growing is called pomology.

His foot nudged mine. I closed my notebook. Prince looked up and started to say something. I ignored him.

There was a bathroom in the far corner of the library. The air was even colder in there. I entered the last stall, opened my purse, and took it out. The mirror.

Apples belong to the rose family.

The baggie was small and half-filled with a white powder. I cut out two lines, rolled up a twenty, and snorted.

My own face looked back at me, dusted with snow. “Get rid of her,” the girl in the mirror whispered.

The rush hit me, and I dropped the mirror on the floor. Dark blood streaked down my skin when the silver glass shattered. Red on white. Snow.


jenny milchman said...

You've got the girl voice so down, Allie. Do you read Megan Abbot? Love how your turned my expectations on their tail with your first line.

Alison DeLuca said...

Thanks so much, Jenny! I've not heard of Megan Abbot - will have to look her up.