Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Needful Things

I need to have several things in the house when I write:

1. A Fresh Pot of Tea, go figure.

2. Eclectic music. I like to listen to world cafe stuff, as well as classics.

3. Benedict Cumberbatch, in one form or another, as much as possible, please.

4. Books and more books, and while I'm at it may I just mention that I desperately need new bookshelves? Cause I'm in that phase where the volumes are double- and treble stacked. And I don't like it.

5. Pumpkin seeds - A seasonal phase, but a good one. Those things are delicious.

6. Fresh apples - Again, seasonal. Will be replaced by fresh oranges in the winter and peaches in the summer.

7. Comfy socks - I buy white ribbed ones from Target in brushed cotton. 

8, A workout - to keep the old ticker pumping.

9. A really good night's sleep - helped along with milk, calcium, and chamomile.

10. Organic Lavender Spray - for my sheets, to also help along the sometimes elusive good night's sleep. 

There are other things I must have, like my husband's warm bulk next to me or my kid's sleepy head on my shoulder, but those are a given, a part of me, like a limb or a facial feature. All that other stuff I have to go and buy.

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Hart Johnson said...

Hmmm.... I've never really thought about this. I know I need a spiral notebook and blue medium point pen... even when I'm at a computer I take notes of things that I think of that need to come later. I need a beverage... usually it either has caffeine or alcohol which is probably bad. Sometimes I need to get in the bath. But mostly I'm flexible...

Catherine Stine said...

I need hot tea too. I hauled some good stuff back from China and Istanbul-green tea, black spice. I also like thick, warm socks on my feet. Hey, I'm following you now, and I've added your awesome blog to my blogroll.
Catherine Stine’s Idea City

David M. Brown said...

Great post Alison.

A cup of tea each day is a must for me, my wife's excellent company and the cats on their best behaviour.

It's not often I get all three of those!