Friday, July 13, 2012

Updating the Reading List

I've made it through my summer reading list, and it's only July. Luckily there are loads of good books to add.

My friend just told me Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn is really good. Apparently it has lots of twists and turns, and I always like that. So it's going on my list.

Since I have an upstairs book and a downstairs book, I'm also going to read The Last Guardian by Joan Hazel. I've been waiting for this one for quite some time, as I mentioned here, so I am excited to add it to my list.

How did I never find Nick Harkaway before? I just discovered Angelmaker and it is going right on my list. First, it features a guy called Spork. The setting is by the Thames, and it features a clockmaker. But the setting is modern and urban and gritty, LOVE it, and the writing is imaginative without being twee. 

I'm not usually a reader of books about crime investigation, but I loved Salt Bowl Death by Cypher Lx so much that I need more. So Darkest Before Dawn is on my list. The author works for law enforcement in Philadelphia, so I'm excited to see her take on the genre.
Cypher Lx. Girlfriend is cool.

This isn't in the reading category, but I really enjoyed the last interactive puzzle book I got from the Grabarchuk puzzle creators. So I want to try their most popular title, 100 Puzzle Quizzes. 

This should keep me going for a bit, and I'll be back to let you know my thoughts on the books. Until then, what are you reading? 


Johanna Garth said...

Funny you mentioned Gone Girl. Someone just recommended it to me yesterday.

Marsha A. Moore said...

The Last Guardian is also on my list, but not sure if it will happen before summer ends. Soon though!

Carlie Cullen said...

My list is long and distinguished!
I'm reading Sin by Shaun Allan and the moment and am 2/3rds through it (loving it by the way).
Next on my list is Into The Mist: Silver Hand by Steve Finnigan. The author contacted me out of the blue and asked if I'd read and review it - that must have been over 6 months ago and I've promised myself I'll get to him next!
After that I'll have to toss a coin between The Last Guardian by Joan Hazel, Black Number by Dean Lappi, Darkness Rising my Ross Kitson and about 30 others that are on my to read list, and that's just on my kindle!!
As we haven't had a summer yet, I'll have to let you know what my summer reading will actually be!! :-(

David M. Brown said...

Love the artwork for The Last Guardian.

Trying not to add to my TBR list. Any more books on the pile and it will cause an avalanche!

Karen A Smith said...

Just finished and reviewed The Ulfric's Mate by Leona Bushman. Great read. Review up at

Amanda said...

Kudos to finishing your summer reads list! I still have 18 books from the first half of the year on my "to-read" this year and 23 on my second half of "to-read" for this year.....neither of which even contain my stack(s) I brought home from the library = )