Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ouch, My Feet!

I just came from Heidi Klum's fun blog, where she features 50 Wacky Shoes today. There are heelless boots, flame stilettoes, Pikachu sandals ... (really.)

Here's the thing. I'm all for creativity, but suffering for fashion, not so much. Flip through the 50 pairs of wackiness, and just take a look at the poor toes. Some of them are already misshapen from years of mistreatment, and I can, through synthesis, just see the pain.

They are screaming OUCH, people!

Here is another portrait of foot torture in process. Now, I think Jennifer Lopez is adorable, and she is a real beauty. I'm all about J Lo, and she looked great in this crystal dress when she wore it to Some Awards Or Another.

But look at the toe on her left foot! It's as though the poor thing has tried to crawl away from the shoe and hide from the agony.

Just tell me, TELL ME, that when she got into her limo she didn't drag those heels off with a loud sigh of relief.

I won't appall you with pictures of the indignities foisted on feet in the name of fashion. Do take a look at some of these things that designers have had the gall to actually try and sell, though:

Actually, those last ones are sort of amazing. I can think of a few people who could do with a swift kick in their seat of the trousers with those guys.

If you are into high, uncomfortable shoes, I don't judge you. I'll admire your gorgeous outfit and footwear from afar, as I slouch by in my old, extremely comfortable Target flip flops.

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