Tuesday, July 24, 2012

American Girl

My kid wants an American Girl Doll. Have you seen ho much those things cost? She has saved up the money herself, so I can't say No. 

But I know that the doll is what Nancy Mitford called The Thin End of the Wedge. It will open a floodgate of new things to want - clothes of course, doll furniture, accessories, pets for the doll - heck, those things even have horses, braces, and entire kitchens.

Here's where I have to stop and admit that she already has TWO American Girl Dolls. I went to Ebay, since I thought, lots of girls will want to get rid of their AGD's when they go to college, I bet. (That's how long my kid will hang onto hers, at a price like that. She doesn't know it yet, but it's true.)

However, I hadn't counted on the adult AGD collectors. There are people out there who buy these things, and for what purpose I wonder? Just to HAVE? Or do these women (and men too, maybe, who knows) wait until everyone goes to bed and then play with their doll collection? "Here comes Abigail, on her way to the party, doo da doo da doo..."

The point is, I didn't get such a big price break as I thought I would. In fact, I had to learn to game the system to win anything at all.

Kid is into those movies, too. Kitt Kittredge, A Girl of the Depression, Molly in the Second World War ... yeah, I eat that stuff up. The films are squeaky clean, have good messages, and guess what - the stories are good! And exciting! My kid was totally totally into the McKenna special that ran on TV a few weeks back. And we own Kitt's story, which is my personal favorite.

Sure, these movies present history through a misty, rosy lens, but here's the thing - They PRESENT HISTORY. Genna is now aware of the Depression, and she knows about World War II and how it affected everyone in the States. 

So, those dolls are crazy, wicked expensive, but - I get the point. At least I think I do.


karastewart said...

My daughter (now in college, and yes, still has all her AG stuff) saved up her money over and over to get AG dolls (2 - 1 that looks like her and the American Indian one - as an aside, that statement is ironic since my daughter IS American Indian but the American Indian doll doesn't resemble her in the slightest) - at any rate, like your daughter, it was her own money. And she has some cool gear to go with it too - a table and chairs, some camping gear, a bed. All well made stuff that we will keep for HER daughter. We have never been to the AG store in NY, just catalogs and online. She would browse the catalogs and save up. And history isn't such a bad lesson, I agree with you there, Alison.

Nicole Zoltack said...

lol I still have my AG dolls. Got rid of the clothes and accessories other than the their original outfits. I'm hoping to have a little girl one day to give them to.

Krista McLaughlin said...

I never got a doll, but I used to get the magazines in the mail and stare at them for hours, just wishing I could have one. I really enjoyed the books. I think Molly is my favorite. :)

I also had the computer game where you could make up your own stories for them. That was fun!