Friday, July 6, 2012

The Art of the Martini

I'm a sucker for a martini. Pour anything into one of those inconveniently shaped glasses, and all of a sudden we've got a party. Vodka is my liquor of choice, but there are many drinks you can make in a shaker and strain into a martini glass. 

Let's start with a vodka martini - I go for Grey Goose myself. Put some ice in a shaker and add a few drops of dry vermouth. Swirl those around and discard. Add more ice and a few shots of vodka.

Now, I like mine very dirty, so I pour some olive brine into that mix. Strain into a glass and add a few blue-cheese stuffed olives. Serve with some tasty nibbles, like dates wrapped in bacon. 

Make certain that really smooth lounge music is on the stereo, and don't forget to change into a muumuu! Or, lounge pajamas. 

For the Fourth of July, I made something called a Citrus Paradise. It was invented by an 8 year old, but we adults stole her recipe and heartlessly added vodka. 

Pour fresh lemonade (the kind you buy in the store that is NOT made from concentrate) into a blender. Add some freshly squeezed lime, lemon, orange, and a few shots of fresh orange juice (the kind that is like the lemonade.) Add 10 - 12 cubes of ice. Blend. 
Do NOT forget those Martini Fashions!

At this point the kids will want a glass of the concoction. Pour them some glasses (they get Red Solo Cups though) and bogart the rest for yourself. 

Add a shot of vodka to each of the martini glasses you will be serving up. Fill with blender mix and stir.  It's a nice touch to plop a lemon or lime slice on the rim.

Oh the refreshment of that drink on a hot summer's day!

I'm also a big fan of expresso martinis. Those suckers are a bit tricky. You need to start with cold, brewed expresso. 

Chill the martini glasses with ice while you mix the drinks. Just plop some cubes in those babies and get ready to shake.

Pour a shot of vodka, a shot of Kahlua, and a shot of cold expresso for each drink into the mixer with ice. 

If you like your martini sweeter, you can add a shot of simple syrup (sugar water) and / or creme de cacao.

Shake for at least ten seconds. That will give you a nice bit of froth on the top of the drink. 

Pour into the chilled glasses, and you can float some expresso beans on the top of the froth. If they are chocolate covered expresso beans, then you will have my whole attention. 

One warning with that drink: serve enough of them, and the crowd turns into a bunch of wide awake, "lively" people. Not that it's a bad thing, but you might want to change the music to tropical lounge or Bond Themes to keep up.


Unknown said...

I knew I liked you for many reasons, but dirty martinis are my favorite as well, Alison! Yum :)

laura thomas said...

My favorite is a dirty martini also. I have to have as many olives as I can on the stick and love to nibble them as I sip. I'll have to try some of the others. I also like vodka gimlets. Cocktail onions are sweet and crunchy.