Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Today I'm going "shopping" to buy some "clothes." For myself.

I'm trying to wrap my head around it, since shopping now has become one of three options:

Expensive items for child; see here
Books for my Kindle

But apparently there are stores out there that sell clothes that are actually worn by moms. You have to go to these stores, pick out some items, and go through a torture process known as Trying On.

I vaguely remember doing this at another point in my life, but then it was the 80's and I had places to go to in those clothes. I went to teeny bopper stores and bought lace gloves and high heels and thought I was the bomb. 
Yes! Just what my outfit needed.

(Let's just pause here for one moment and imagine putting lace gloves on, standing back, looking in the mirror, and thinking - YEAH. I am all set for the club.)

So, no lace gloves today, and I am not allowed to buy for my kid. And I doubt Macy's carries the steampunk bustled skirt that I really want to get.
Probably not going to buy this today.

I'll check back later and let you know how this all works out.


T. Anderson said...

I'm only a dog-mom, Alison, but can still totally relate. This was funny!

Hart Johnson said...

Gah! I hate shopping and trying on! The only time it's any fun is when a recent weightloss coincides with my mom sending me some cash for my birthday or something. I hate feeling fat and i have no money. Therefore I tend to buy most of my clothes at Meijer (a grocery sort of like Fred Meye) or Target. But once in a while for work I have no choice. Good luck!

karastewart said...

I am so with you. I used to love shopping for clothes and now I hate it! Things go south. Like butts. Things widen. Like waists. And things don't fit anymore. Like clothes. It's so discouraging! If I do go (like once every 2 years or so), I try to make my 21 year old daughter come with me. She says things like, "Put it back, Mom. That's 'old lady clothes'." And "That looks like something your mother would wear." Now THAT makes me put things back on the rack in a hurry! (my mother is in her 70s.) Sigh. Youth is wasted on the young.

Teresa Cypher said...

I love your outlook, Alison! I do so hope you get your steampunk bustled skirt. :-)