Thursday, March 29, 2012

Awake Thoughts

I am not a fan of crime drama at all, but I do like this new show, Awake. Have you seen it? Michael, a cop, gets into an accident with his wife and son. When he  comes to, his wife is  alive and his son has died - until he  goes to sleep. When he wakes his son has survived, but his wife has not. Each time he  falls asleep, he switches between the two "realities." 

They are kept separate by a rubber band that he wears. In the one where his wife is  living, he wears a red band. It's green when his son is the survivor. Furthermore, the camera is slightly tinted to reflect those two realities.
Dr. Lee - another good actor

In each life, Michael sees a psychologist. His Red doctor is Dr. Lee, who refuses to believe that the other reality is anything but a psychotic episode. His Green doctor, Dr. Evans, believes  that perhaps Michael is living two parallel lives.

To bear this out, in each life he is investigating different cases. Clues in one life are given for the case in the other.  You have to be pretty quick to follow  those clues. I can't even imagine the writing and all the  time loops involved.

And that is why I like the show. The acting is terrific - I particularly like Dylan Minnette, who plays Michael's son - and the concept is so simple, but so fraught with possibilities. And I'm always a sucker for a psychological hook.
Dylan Minnette


Dean Lappi said...

This sounds like a fascinating show, Alison, and one that would be amazing to write for. Thank you for sharing. Kind regards, Dean

Alison DeLuca said...

I'm always happy to talk about a show that features great concepts and writing. Thanks for stopping by, Dean!