Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today's Progress

Just a quick note as I scramble to catch up after a nasty bout of shingles (and yes, they are just as painful as people say.)

I finished another chapter in The Gramophone Society. My characters are developing nicely with little nudges from the author. I just won't let them form a Boy Boy Girl Triangle, since it has been done before, and I really do enjoy exploring female friendships.

However, Victor, the mysterious fellow with a strange drawing on his face, did lash out at Arthur, the guy who always follows the rules. In the melee, Arthur nearly fell into the Mouth, the bottomless cavern lined with sharp rocks that look like teeth.

The frustrating part of my day came when I searched for images of bathyspheres for the final book of my Crown Phoenix series, The South Sea Bubble. A bathysphere is a round ball that was used in the early 20th century to explore under the ocean. I've always thought they are beautiful and mysterious, and I want one! Or, at least, a picture of one for the cover of my book.


Krista McLaughlin said...

Cool picture and I'm glad that you're over the shingles... that doesn't fun fun.

Unknown said...

VERY cool picture and EEK on the shingles! I still have a missing piece on my forehead that just looks like a shallow dimple from when I had them. I can say I would rather give birth to 10 lb twin boys breech than go through that again! LOVE LOVE Bathyspheres myself! ANYTHING about being under the sea!

Jeff Clough said...

When my daughter was given her chickenpox vaccine, we learned the fun fact that adults around her could get shingles. She was such a cute little plague carrier though, so all was forgiven once the groaning stopped.
And bathyspheres are wondrous things. There are still a few outfits offering bathysphere "tours," but the price tag is usually a picture of an arm and a leg.

Alison DeLuca said...

Shingles = Not fun! Especially when they go around your back and chest and you have to wear a "torture device," AKA Bra, during the day.

I'm very hopeful that I find a cool bathysphere image somewhere. Still looking....