Monday, February 27, 2012

First Holy Cow!

We are quickly approaching the time for my daughter's First Holy Communion. I didn't grow up Catholic, so this is a whole new world for me. 

And it is a world, apparently, where the little black strip has crawled off the  back of my credit card, gotten down on its hands and knees, and begged for mercy.  First there was the dress. My kid let me off easy by picking one that was on sale.  At this point, please pause and picture a middle-aged woman doing a full fledged WOOT and punching the air. I know it's not pretty, but that's what happened.

Then there were the shoes. My daughter, who is a beautiful girl and a lovely person, just happens to have speedboats for feet. It is difficult to even find communion shoes in her size. Add to that her own requirements - no ankle strap, has to have a high heel. Add my requirements - No, she can't wear platforms, no, they can't have glitter all over them, no, they can't be anything any of the Housewives of Ocean County would wear. Add the Church's requirement - White Shoe.

Yeah, that's hard to find in speedboat size. Where is the DSW for kids? Hm?
So not wearing these, girlfriend

After the dress  and the shoes are in place, there is  a whole world of  accessories to explore! Apparently you have to have a special First Holy Communion (henceforth known as FHC) purse, bible, rosary, and wrap. Our church doesn't allow gloves. Don't have to buy gloves! Repeat image of middle-aged woman going WOOT! and doing an air punch.

Now we have come to the  crux of the matter - THE HEADPIECE. She picked out one with a tiara and an attached veil. (I would have so killed for this thing when I was seven.) In the end I got it for her, but let me tell you - at that price, it's also going to be her wedding veil. Plus she might graduate high school and college in it too. In fact, I might start wearing it while I do the air punch in the future; I feel it might add a little bling to the whole process.
Pretty, right? So are BMW's and diamond lollipop holders.

I know the day of the FHC I'll be overcome with emotion as I watch my little beauty walk up and receive the Host for the first time. After all, that's the whole point of the thing. There will be tears. And a credit card bill. But it will be  worth it.


Pame Brennan said...

Real Housewives...LOL! I hope everything goes wonderfully on that day. Thanks for the chuckle and sharing with us!

Johanna Garth said...

It will be such a precious moment. Last year we went to my daughter's BFF's first communion so I'm familiar with the whole 'little bride' woes.

ps. there might have been rolling down a lawn after the ceremony.

pss. my daughter might have been involved

thankfully there were no serious stains!

Kathleen Barker said...

Ah, the memories. I still have my little white "leatherette" commemorative certificate in its holder as well as the official document. Oh course, back then, the church specified NO heels and must have ankle strap. Our veils were attached to white plastic headbands. Still think the church should take pity on parents and not allow the tiaras either to avoid the inevitable arguments. But I SO would have opted for the tiara too, when I was 7. Congratulations!!

Alison DeLuca said...

Thanks, everyone. Of course, I was thinking of Ednor Scardens when I wrote my last two columns!

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, man... Am I relieved to be a cultural mutt, not obliged to this stuff, or what. (Yes, I would have adored that at age 7, but didn't come from or end up in a family that can afford such things). That, though, is nothing compared to my daughter's friend who had a Quincenero last year... Basically requiring throwing a BALL for the 15th birthday.

Alison DeLuca said...

That Quinceanera is quite something! Almost as large is the "Sweet Sixteen," which I'm hoping to avoid. What are my chances?

SM Johnson said...

Oh, dear. Am I late for the shopping? We are having FHC this spring, too. And I am already in trouble because I was a year late enrolling her, so she's the oldest making FHC this year. I told her to tell her teacher, "Sorry, my mom's Lapsed." (grin)

Unknown said...

LOL This was great! I am so glad I am not Catholic, but my girls were really put out when I told them they did not get 1st Communion when all their friends were going and getting to do the classes. (They all went to Catholic School) So I ended up having to give in and they all got Tiaras LOL AND YES they are wearing them at their wedding LOLOL AWESOME post!

Unknown said...

Same here folks, I didn't grow up Catholic but I ended up Oh YES in that faith. Oh well, doesn't matter, My first kid had her first communion and I found a very beautiful communion shoes at =)