Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cool Stuff About Being a Writer

I get to imagine stuff and have it come to "life" on my desktop.

Other writers send me their books and ask me to read them. That means I get amazing books for free, and better than that, I am allowed to watch the evolution of those cool books.

I have a fantastic cover artist who rocks my Kindle world.

I'm in a group of talented, dedicated people who help me out every single day.

Nightmares are cool now, because when I wake up in a sweat, I just think, "Hey! New novel idea!"

If my husband comments on my disheveled, pajamas-in-the-afternoon attire, I can silence him with my Novelist At Work stare.

My little Alternet universe is fueled with tea, wine, and chocolate.

I am never, ever bored. Seriously, I don't know what boredom is  like. I've got movies in my head to watch, and I mean that in a very non-psycho killer way.

As I tap stuff out in the keyboard, I become one with a long line of writers. Maybe not Hemingway or Colette, but Edgar Rice Burroughs and Enid Blyton? Those are my peeps.
This just screams pulp fiction. Love it!!!!!!

See, I have to go and watch The Housewives of Beverly Hills. It's rich bitch research, dammit.

Ditto reading pulp fiction. All part of my job. Now, hand me my bon bons.


Dana Sieders said...

LOL, Alison! I love to read how other writers manage their process, family reactions, and their, um, little imaginary friends. They do pop up at the most interesting times, don't they?

Thanks for the fun post!



Ross M Kitson said...

You are spot on with this post, Alison. I love my day job and get a huge amount of satisfaction out of it. But there is something intensely personal and intensely cool about being a writer also. The creation from nothing is really satisfying and the appreciation by others the icing on the cake.
Dunno about the pyjama bit, though...

cheers, Ross

Joseph said...

Being a writer is the coolest job in the world...if it's your only job. I'm at university studying English and creative writing so it's all I do. The life of a writer is good!

I also find myself waking in the middle of the night and going "Joe, write this down, like now!" I have a whole notebook nearly full of ideas that I shall work on in the future.


Jeff Clough said...

Whenever I'm struggling with my word count, I try to remember that, as a writer, the amount of things I can call "work-related" is downright criminal.

Adriana Ryan said...

These are oh so awesome! :) "Novelist at Work" stare, LOL. I've got to perfect mine.