Saturday, February 11, 2012

Free Kindle Books -6 More Free Books For 2-11-12

All of these books are free for download today on Kindle. Just click on the links to go to the download page.

Tower of Bones  - Epic Fantasy from the author of The Last Good Knight. 

Edwin Farmer toils away on his father’s sleepy farm, unaware of his family’s bargain with the Goddess Aeos, or the manner in which he will be called upon to honor that bargain.

From the first moment that he is in the strange land of Neveyah, Edwin finds himself fighting for his life ...

In the Rose Tower of the haunted keep of Mal Evol, the Bull God holds the key to winning the war between the Gods. Imprisoned and alone in a strange country, Marya awaits the rescue promised by her only friends: the shadowy ghosts that haunt the Shadow Castle.

Obsessed with rescuing the girl that he dreams of nightly, Edwin struggles to develop the unique abilities that will allow him to steal Marya back from the Rose Tower and save her from the madman who holds her prisoner.

After Ilium Four years of college has not taught Alex as much as he will learn in a couple of weeks on the Turkish coast!

Three thousand years ago Greeks fought Trojans below the fortress of Ilium. Now it is 1993 and new college graduate Alex Parris cruises to Istanbul, seeking his own adventure at Ilium. On the way, however, he meets Elena, a mysterious older woman who draws him into an affair---then forces him to fight for her!

But Alex finds that escaping from the local jail is only the first of many obstacles to returning to his lover, as he embarks on his own odyssey across the wild Turkish coast! It is a journey that will test his will to survive and make him question everything he has been taught about life, love, and the way the world really works!

Black Numbers In a land where magic is based on advanced mathematics, Sid is something special, for his awakening sexuality and genius-level understanding of mathematics combines to create a power beyond anything ever seen in the world. Sid’s journey propels him into the center of a 1000-year-struggle with an outcome obscured by a darkness known as Black Numbers.

Ednor Scardens  When the boob fairy makes an early visit in sixth grade, eleven-year-old Kate Fitzgerald is unprepared for the repercussions. Her puppy-love relationship with classmate Gabe Kelsey quickly blossoms. But her carefree days in Catholic school darken with the arrival of Father John O'Conner, a predatory priest with a hidden past. Life becomes even more tangled when Kate falls hard for Gabe's darkly handsome older brother, Michael. The Kelsey boys couldn't be more different: one is shy and self-effacing; the other is tall, athletic, and confident.
As the brothers battle for Kate’s affections, how will she choose without tearing their family apart? When she silently witnesses a frightening scene between Gabe and Fr. O'Conner, Kate is unaware that she is O'Conner's intended next victim.

Sax and the Suburb  Why is someone killing the community band geeks of Richland, Texas? Miranda Beeling would like to know, since she is one of them. 

Miranda is trying to recover from the recent death of her mother and the betrayal of her fianc√© (a bigamist wannabe). She's retreated back to her childhood home, trying to sort through her clutterholic father’s horde of junk, despite his determined opposition. Miranda's only enjoyable social activity is playing saxophone in the local community band. Her enjoyment ends when trombonist David Hu is killed, and her bassoonist friend Louise is the prime suspect in his murder.

Motivated by concern for her friends and an inescapable feeling that she might be the next victim, Miranda investigates. Armed with only her legal research skills, a keen sense of humor, and a gift for getting into trouble, Miranda may eventually figure it all out, but not before uncovering several secrets she would rather not have known.

Sons of Roland Sons of Roland is a group memoir about the birth, life, death and resurrection of The Visitors, a 1960's rock & roll band hailing from Brooklyn. It follows bass player turned music mogul Edward Houlihan as he recounts The Visitors' meteoric rise to greatness, their wild escapades and their tragic demise. It's a story that must be told, and there is no one better to tell it than the Sons of Roland themselves...

Forty years of sex, drugs and rock & roll explode to reveal the secrets and mysteries surrounding the most bizarre chapter in the history of rock & roll music, proving that Elvis is Dead, Paul is Alive and so are the Sons of Roland.  

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