Monday, July 25, 2011

Last Week's Blackout, or: It Must be Whiny Monday

After about a month of blips, last week my internet came to a shuddering halt. It would have been okay, had I not just scored a possible interview with the creator of a new paranormal show on the Travel Channel, been in the middle of cover design for the print edition of The Night Watchman Express, and continuing my obsession about keeping up to date on all forms of social media (which now, apparently, also includes Google +.)

I managed to get some massages through by calling some friends  and begging them to post stuff for me on Facebook. "Please, could you tell everyone I'm still alive? All righty then."

I was  also thinking about my little bloggy-poo, here, since it tends to wither if not watered everyday. So I suppose this column is by way of an apology for neglecting you last week. Or perhaps I just want to yell, Hey! Not my fault!

In any case, the cable guy eventually showed up. In his favor, he looked like this:

"Make certain you're home between 10 and 6, ma'am."
However, since last week was an incredible heat wave and the poor man was working outside, he smelled like this:

"Looks like you need a new router..."
I don't care, though. He fixed my cable connection. So, I'm baaaaaaack.....

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Natasha Larry said...

Mmmmmmm, he's so yummy. I know, shame on me! But, yum. Glad you're back!

Krista McLaughlin said...

I would definitely be home if my cable guy looked like that, though the smell wouldn't be pleasant. Yum. I'm glad you're back and everything is fixed! :)

Kara said...

I want your cable guy. I don't care.

And my laptop is on life support. Had to get a new one and spent all weekend getting it running.

Cable guy? Don't make me beg.

Connie J Jasperson said...

HA-HA! I hated being iNet deprived too! I love your sense of humor, crazy woman!

Johanna said...

Bahahahaha! I want Team Jacob to come fix my internet!!