Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Potter and My Obvious Obsession

Yes it's another HP post, and yes, I'm obsessed - but who's not, eh? Hm? Nice  opening weekend numbers, btw, Harry.

Really long movie line

I'm actually waiting to see the movie, because i promised a friend and her son that I and my daughter would go with them. This means that when other people talk about the movie (hello, daughter's best friend who went on and on about the ending) I have to cover my ears and sing, LALALALALA

It reminds  me  of those wonderful, nerve wracking days  when the books came  out. I insisted on getting the English versions. Not that I mind the Scholastic versions - the illustrations are  far better, obviously, and the covers are  gorgeous (more  on that later.) No, I just wanted to read the actual words that Ms  Rowling wrote. Hagrid should say Mummy, not Mommy, when talking about the baby dragon looking at him.

Some of the covers for the English version are  pretty bad. The Philosopher's Stone (there  is no such thing as a Sorcerer's Stone) is  really nice, but the Deathly Hallows is badly conceived. Ron looks like he's  got a weird, goblin arm. Clower inspection proves that the arm carrying the  sword is actually Griphook's:

UK cover for The Deathly Hallows

In any case, since I was waiting for the book to come from the UK, I had to wait while all my friends read their versions.

Especially for The Order of the Phoenix. There was the  usual "death of a major character" newsbreak, and  I was dreadfully afraid it would be Ron.

And I had to try not to listen to the conversation. And now I'm doing it again.

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Hart Johnson said...

So you see what happens... tee hee

We own the American (as a family) but I went to the UK in 2008 with work and bought MYSELF the British (adult cover) version--paperback, but my very own... Because I really wanted them in Jo's words, too. But I could not POSSIBLY have waited... We did a midnight showing and then went again on Sunday... it's how we roll at our house--me and BOTH kids... (I love it when they want to do things with me and each other instead of other friends)