Friday, July 1, 2011

Beverage Break

It's Friday. We're on vacation soon. I'm thinking about summer beverages, both leaded and unleaded:

Mojitos - I make mine with vodka instead of rum (seems smoother) as well as homemade simple syrup, fresh lime juice, and fresh mint. Splash in the club soda and serve over lots of ice.

2 parts vodka 1 part simple syrup 1 part lime juice, fill with club soda and add mint springs.

Sun Tea - This is a tough one - plop some good Irish tea bags in some filtered water in a glass container and leave in the sun for an hour or two. I like to put in some green tea bags with that mix as well. And I squirt in agave syrup as a sweetener, as well as fresh lemon or orange slices and more fresh mint.

6 black tea bags (I use Barry's Irish breakfast) and 2 - 3 green tea bags in 1 1/2 gallons filtered water

Serve those with some more fresh stuff - homemade magno salsa (cut up mango, cut up cucumber, lime juice, fresh cilantro, dash hot sauce, some fresh garlic and / or red onion) and flour tortillas, cut up and put under the broiler for a minute. You can squirt those with fresh lime, too.

Put on your comfiest muumuu and enjoy the fireworks.

PS - That sun tea's not bad with a shot of vodka. Just saying.


Christine Murray said...

I love the sound of the sun tea, I must give that a try :)

Kara said...

Nom, nom, nom! LOVE lime!

LW said...

It all sounds just like summer! If I get a chance to visit you in warm weather, I MUST get hold of some of those Mojitos of yours...