Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lost in Limbo

Hello, everyone! 

I'm not retired or kidnapped; I've simply been steaming away on an edit of The South Sea Bubble so I can send it off to my editor, the fabulous Carlie Cullen. (We call her Eagle-Eye Carlie.)

The edit has been completed at last, and now I'm ready to start a new book. 

But here's the deal: The South Sea Bubble is the final book in the Crown Phoenix series. I've been writing these books for ages, and to finish with them now is like being lost in the aethersphere.

I know that there is more to come. I have flashes of new books to write and hosts of ideas. The characters in them bump around in my mind, and eventually they'll become real people, as the ones in Lamplighter's, Devil's Kitchen, and the rest did in the end.

Still, it's just like that day at the end of the school year, when I used to teach. My classes and students were always so nice, and I hated to see them go at the end - especially when they were graduating high school.

I knew that a different class would come in and I would enjoy teaching them just as much (or even more!) but that moment of saying goodbye was always - strange. It left me lost for a moment.

Now my mind is wheeling like a compass in an airship caught in a windstorm. Eventually I'll find the correct path, and I'll be able to steer again.

For now, though, I have search for the map...


Unknown said...

It must be really strange for you at the moment, but your characters will never leave you. They are immortalised in the pages of your wonderful stories!

Like children growing up and leaving home, you have to allow them to make their own way in the world now. It'll never be goodbye, only a TTFN!

Sending you hugs - one mum to another!

Unknown said...

There you are! Ithought you must be consumed with your latest and greatest--and indeed you were!
Sounds like you have a wee bit of the empty-nester syndrome, my dear, ironically though because I am half-way through the "Night Watchman Express" and your characters have just come to life, from where I sit.
~Just Jill

Connie J Jasperson said...

How hard to put down the pen and walk away!