Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Birthday Party

Last year, around this date, I was having a good day. I wrote a few blog posts, got my chapter finished, cleaned the house, worked out - productive city. 
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At that point my husband suggested that we all go out to dinner. Filled with the beaming pride of one who had accomplished everything on her list, I agreed.

We went to a pasta restaurant and ordered salads. The waiter poured the wine we had brought into glasses. He lifted his in a toast, and here is what he said:

"Happy Birthday - to ME"

I had forgotten. His Birthday. I had been so blindsided with errands and minutia that I let it all take over the real world or what should be really important. 

Yes, I am a thorough dork.

This year, I wasn't about to let that happen. The thing is, with the new football schedule, Superbowl now falls right on or around his birthday. So I have to get ready for the annual S' Bowl party and then prepare for the big man's big day. (That's what happened last year... yeah, that's the ticket....)

We bought the wireless speaker that he wanted for his phone and wrapped it up. I made his favorite dinner, and a lava brownie cake. The man likes his chocolate.

Our daughter got into it and created a birthday video for Daddy, featuring a Springsteen song and everyone, including her American girl dolls and stuffed animals, holding up Happy Birthday signs. It was her Where is Matt? moment.

Daddy got home and ate hugely. He blew out the candle on his cake and opened his gift. I am certain his favorite part was Baby Girl's video, though.

Guess what? None of the To-Do items on my list got done. And that was just as it should be.


Hart Johnson said...

HA! That is totally something I would do. I get such tunnel vision when I am in the writing zen zone. I have been known to forget I have children. It's bad. Happy birthday to your hubby!

Unknown said...

Yay! Life trumps writing!!! I LOVE it. Good for you, girl. We are all such total dorks sitting around noodling on our gadgets...I love to be reminded about the important stuff.
Always enjoy stopping by for a fresh cuppa...but one was hoping for some lava cake...
~Just Jill

Alison DeLuca said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one! OK, I'll share that cake recipe soon. It was easy and my daughter is still eating the leftovers :)