Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Pros and Cons of Winter

Winter is my favorite season. I'm not THAT odd - it's my daughter's favorite as well. But sometimes, when you see temps in the teens, it's hard to find good things about the winter.

So here are some Good things:

It's soup time. Soup is always good, for the soul and otherwise. Plus, once you have that pot going, you just have to add bread and salad and it's a meal.

Guilt-free reading - Of course you can't go on that five-mile run! It's cold outside! Might as well read a book instead. Or write one.

Lengthy hot drinks - Now that latte tastes really good, especially served in a mug that is really a bowl with one handle. Or any drink with "mulled" in the title.

Making breath clouds.

Germs get killed off - Or so I hear. Die, germs, die!

And also some Bad things:

My husband's feet in the middle of the night. Two words: ICE and BLOCKS (To be fair, the same can be said of my knees.)

Appetite - I could seriously think about ordering, and eating, an ox.

Skiing - I'm so into skiing, but not enough to go out when you have to drink a coffee just to thaw out after each run. No Thank You.

No snow - Cold is fine. Cold without snow is pointless - a bit rude, really.

Can't open windows - V. bad, especially after "Chili Night."

Ah well - must take the bad with the good, eh? Off to mull some more drinks and stir the chili.


Lisa J Yarde said...

I can handle winter much better than summer, Alison. When it's hot, you can't be comfortable. At least in winter you can add layers and stay cozy.

Unknown said...

Love the blog. AFter living in California for many years, and now being in Wisconsin and facing another long January, I have to say... I like it. Winter is a time for drawing in, recollecting one's self, dreaming of what we'll plant in the spring. I actually get a lot done, since there is no siren call from the great outdoors to go biking, or swimming, or weed the garden. Nice post there, Allison.