Monday, December 31, 2012

The Past Two Weeks

Here is, in a nutshell, what my life has been like over the past few weeks:

AD: Ah, some free time. I'm going to write my Indie Exchange Blog and do some editing.
Kid: Mommy! I have to have jeggings ready for tomorrow! We have our Christmas show!

(mom goes to do extra load of laundry.)

AD: OK, forget the blog. I'll do some editing for fifteen minutes.
Kid: I'm hungry.

(edit is abandoned.)

Later -

AD: Excellent! A fresh new day. I'm going to try and edit ten pages of the job that's been on hold for a month.
Husband: We have to go and pick up Poppy from the hospital NOW.

(Work is abandoned.)

Later -

AD: OK, I've got an entire day to myself. I'm going to get all my wrapping done in two hours and bang out a buttload of work.

Seven Hours Later -

AD: ERMERGERD I've been wrapping for seven hours and I'm still not done *insert loud raspberry* And did I send Christmas cards? Well, did I?

Two Days Before Christmas -

AD: Baking! Wrapping! Cooking! Cleaning! Certainly not writing or blogging!

Two Days After Christmas -

AD: Still baking and cleaning, and now entertaining! Still not writing!


If anyone has a map to lead me out of this crazed wilderness for next year's holiday season, I will pay and also give you a pedicure.


K Eliz | Southern Sagittarius said...

I was set to get some writing done and get back in the hang of blogging too over the Christmas holiday but life had other plans. It seemed like every other day Santa was coming home with presents for me to wrap and the kids went through their we can't move without mommy stage. *sigh* Glad to be off to a fresh start this new year though.

SM Johnson said...

No school for kid means mom gets no work done. It is very frustrating.

Your post is spot on!