Thursday, December 20, 2012

Favorite Book Turned into a Movie

The 30 Days of Books Meme continues ...

This was a tough one, since I wanted to choose a book that I loved, as well as its movie version.

See, the book - movie combo can fall in several categories:

1. The book and the movie are both bad. I realize I may outrage some readers, but I feel The Da Vinci Code falls in this category. Look, I liked the premise, and Tom Hanks rocks. But - really? A codex expert can't tell that it's backwards handwriting at first glance? And the Professor Teabing character- could he have been more stereotypical? Why not just call him TeaBag and be done with it? And then there was the movie.... and that haircut... *shudders*

2. The book is bad and the movie is good. The Bridges of Madison County fits in this category, IMO. The Da Vinci Code made my brain weep with pain, but at least I managed to get through half of it. Bridges didn't even make one page before I hurled it across the room in anger. However, the movie version was pretty decent, thanks to the directing and the actors, Streep and Eastwood.

3. The book is good and the movie is bad. The Golden Compass fits this one for me, as well as any version of my old standby, Jane Eyre. (Everybody drink!) The only Eyre that stood up for me was the recent PBS version with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens, thanks to the script writers slashing most of Mr. Rochester's most ridiculous dialogue. Ahem, duuuuuude -  "It will atone, it will atone..." (Jane makes an excuse and slips off to the local pub until he finishes his monologue.)

4. Both the book and the movie rock. When this happens, it is like a batter getting that sweet spot. The Prisoner of Azkaban did this, in my opinion, and WHY didn't Alfonso Cuaron direct EVERY SINGLE HARRY POTTER MOVIE? Hm? He could have prevented the headache that was The Order of the Phoenix (which was my favorite book - ruined I tell you. Ruined.)

Ditto Holes, which I loved as a book and loved even more as a movie. Holes has become, along with Working Girl and The Shawshank Redemption, a flick that I'll watch any time, any place. The younger actors (Shia Lebeouf!) are incredible, as well as Sigourney of course, who could make an insurance ad magical. And let us not forget Patricia Arquette, who is luminous in her role as the Kissing Bandit.

As for Indie books, well - there aren't many of those that are movies. YET! I do think that will quickly change, since there are many wonderful Indies out there.

If I could be a producer, here are some of the books I would turn into movies:

Losing Beauty
Sax and the Suburb
The Prospect of My Arrival
Emeline and the Mutants
Land of Nod: The Artifact

That is a very shortened list, and I would love to hear other suggestions for Indie books that should be movies .... have at it!


Catherine Stine said...

I agree that Holes was a great film AND book!
Hmm, your book series would translate into a cool bunch of films.

Dwight Okita said...

Alison, thanks for mentioning PROSPECT as a potential movie. Hey, I was looking at your trailer and noticed the Animoto brand in the corner. That's not my own Animoto trailers. Hmm.

Dwight Okita said...

Maybe it's from the embed code.

Kim Smith said...

Hey Alison. I saw where you friended me on goodreads and wanted to check out your blog. Great thread here. I loved The Hunger Games and hated the movie. Nice to meet ya!