Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Favorite Book of Favorite Series - Day 4

Yesterday I picked out my favorite series, trad pub and Indie. They were, respectively, Harry Potter and the Darkness Rising books.

Today I'm choosing my favorite books in the series. Easy!

For Harry, the Order of the Phoenix was, without a doubt, my favorite. It was the longest book, and for a reason - Harry entered adolescence and became a bit of a pill, in a completely natural way. After all, he had a rough start, so it would have been unbelievable if he was all sweetness and light. No cut-out Victorian heroes for JK!

I loved the secret Defense Against the Dark Arts classes, the ongoing arguments between Hermione and Ron who were already acting like an old married couple, and the Order of the Phoenix itself. But the crowning achievement was Umbridge. She was so nasty and horrible she was nearly unbelievable - except I've worked with her, in my former life as a teacher. Yes, I was an a faculty with Umbridge, and very annoying it was, too.

As for the Darkness Rising series, Book Two: Quest was my favorite. Kitson really seemed to hit his stride with his characters and writing. There was one scene that blew me away, as death and horror fills a town, the villagers sing a long song about a Silver Lady. It is reminiscent of Tolkien at his best.

(By the way, Kitson just received a glowing review for the series at the British Fantasy Society, here.)

Now, what is your favorite series? And the favorite book in it?


Hart Johnson said...

I haven't read the Darkness Rising, but you NAILED Order of the Phoenix. It's also my favorite of the Harry Potter books, largely because the psychology is DEAD ON and righteous rebellion is something I can really get behind. It NEEDED Umbridge to justify it--something bad enough acting under the guise of authority. I find her more chilling than Voldemort because she really IS how evil manifests itself most often.

jenny milchman said...

Immm, mine is going way back. Little House on the Praire, ON THE BANKS OF PLUM CREEK :) I can still taste what those light, airy cakes tasted like to my imagination.