Friday, September 21, 2012

Feelin' the Magic

It's that time again - we are about to take another trip to Disneyworld. And at this point, the adults are far more excited than the kids. 

My sister and I never went to Disney as kids. I don't mean to sound pitiful; we went to Ireland instead. Still, we had no idea what to expect. And I certainly did not expect to fall in love with the place - with all of Orlando, in fact. 

Here's what I can't wait to do there:

Bring on the cheesy animatronics. I just eat that stuff up. Pirates of the Caribbean, and more importantly, It's a Small World, After All - those things have Allie written all over them.

Harry Potter at Universal. That Hogwarts ride is the best ride I have ever been on. I still can't figure out how they did it. Plus, this time my kid is old enough to go on with me. Winning!

Oh, and I want a butterbeer too. And a chocolate frog.

The monorail - honestly, I could ride that thing all day and be satisfied. It takes you from your hotel right to the park. That's magic, in my opinion.

Overpriced food - except we got a free meal plan! Ha ha! So load me up on footlongs and overly large soft drinks.

Souvenirs - On our last trip, my sister got the coolest santa hat EVER. It was a headband with a tall, skinny red hat attached that had a white pompom on the top. I'm so jealous; I have to outdo her this time. Oh, it's on.

But without a doubt, the number one reason: The people who work at Disney. Everyone, from the servers to the characters are good humored. They are nice, and they're sassy at the same time. I like that sassy edge. 

Yup, can't wait.  

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Anonymous said...

Life should be like Disney. --your husband, as quoted by your sister.