Sunday, September 2, 2012

Looking for Mr. GoodBook

I've reached the end of my summertime reads: 1Q84 and The Prospect of My Arrival, The Last Guardian, Sykosa, Losing Beauty, and my final read, Steve Jobs.

This means I need some new books to add to the list, stat. I've hear that Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is excellent, so it goes on the list. I'm going to read The Sons of Roland, a 60's music fictional memoir, and the rest of the Hunger Games Books.

I have heard good things about 11/22/63, and Stephen King is a great fall read. Having one of his huge books on my lap just conjures up images of mulled cider, carved pumpkins, and a crackling fire. Yes, please.

The Age of Miracles sounds pretty cool, and so does Ready Player One, to satisfy my urban fantasy-seeking, sci-fi loving side.

Autumn wouldn't be complete without some steampunk on my list, so I've decided to read The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series, by Morris and Ballantine. They are a bit pricy, so I'll add Cypher Lx's Salt Bowl Death to my list as well. At 99 cents, it includes a deadly plague, zombies, action set out west...The sample is terrific.

I love to get my dystopia on, and if I can support an Indie author at the same time, then, yay! Wool looks like a terrific series, so I'm going to read the Omnibus edition.

I am always looking for more books, so please add suggestions in the comments. I love to hear about what you have read and enjoyed!

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