Thursday, September 6, 2012

Splashing into The Soccer Pool

Ohhhh, boy, here we go. Having avoided soccer for years now, my kid suddenly announced that she wanted to play.

We would have signed her up earlier, but Grandma, I mean My Daughter, would have none of it. Finally, the magic occurred AKA "A Friend of Hers Signed Up" and so, a few weeks later, we headed to the sports store to buy soccer stuff.

Yeah, I don't even know what soccer stuff means. I'd love to report that I was a soccer nut myself, but no. Sports and I don't get along. I'm allergic to anything that involves dribbling, or shooting, or running. 

So, when I walked into the huge echoing chamber of a sports store, I was absolutely clueless. Finally a kid of about 18 took pity on my deer-in-headlights look and helped me and my child pick out cleats, shin guards, etc etc.

And now we have practice AND a game on Saturday.

Here's the bottom line : I DO NOT CARE how well my kid plays. If she has a talent for the game, then great. If she doesn't, oh well. 

My goal for her this season is simple. Ready?


And if she makes some friends during that time, fantastic. If she learns how to play, great. If she shoots a goal, I'll jump out of my skin and do backflips, but I'll probably do that even if she just manages to connect Cleat to Soccer Ball.

Wish us luck!

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