Friday, December 30, 2011

My New Year's Steampunk Resolutions

This year I will:

Acquire a real pair of goggles.

Learn the specs for a sentient automaton.

Discover the working boundaries for my Crown Phoenix typewriter that is really a quantum computer, and then push beyond them.

Develop a set of maps for The Night Watchman Express and the entire Crown Phoenix series. Because there is nothing like a book that comes with a map (see: Narnia, Middle Earth etc.)

Bring out Devil's Kitchen in print.

Finish the edit on The Lamplighter's Special, book three in the Crown Pheonix series.

Decide on the title for the final book in the series. (I'm leaning towards The South Sea Bubble or In His Majesty's Post, what do you think?)
Caricature of The South Sea Bubble

Write The South Sea Bubble (or In His Majesty's Post.)

Develop some Cogs and Gears Wine, or some Clockworks Brewery Ale. Or maybe just some Airship Pastries. Because why not?

Somehow meet this gentleman:

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Teresa Cypher said...

It sounds as though you have an interesting and busy year ahead of you. :-) Love the wine and ale projects :-) Happy New Year, Alison!