Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book Food: Miranda Warning

There is something about books that makes me hungry. The act of reading just seems to go naturally with a pot of tea, of course, as well as a plate of scones and some finger sandwiches.

There are books out there that strengthen this connection. One obvious culprit is Dickens. His characters are always going off on picnics complete with pork pies, cold cider, and rounds of cheese. One of my favorite descriptions of his is his "curiously light wine, with a curiously heavy cake."

Another book that makes me hungry is Miranda Warning. I'm almost at the end (reading it slowly so it will last; I'm going to hate being finished) and I love the gorgeous descriptions of food. The book, a murder mystery, is set in Texas, so there is plenty of RC cola, banana whoopie pies, as well as buttery croissants and delicious coffee drinks.

Miranda, the main character, is just as delicious. She is a bit overweight (who wouldn't be, with all that food) and works in a run down law office where her boss often falls asleep on the floor. She has to learn to maneuver her rolling chair carefully so she won't squash his hand.

She is also a sax player in a local band, and one of her band mates gets bumped off in the beginning. The way that Miranda investigates the murder is funny and well written and completely believable. Oh, and there's a romance, too, and it is delicious as well.

To be honest, I'm not a huge murder mystery fan, but I'm enjoying this book with a great deal of delight. It should be savored, like a whoopie pie, for its flavor and creamy filling.


Connie J Jasperson said...

I agree! Marilyn Rucker Norrod has written a wonderful cozy-read-by-the-fire murder mystery there! My hubby enjoyed it immensely too! But we are both band-nerds so that really appealed to us!

Ann Summerville said...

Some cozies have such delicious pastries on the cover, I can't allow them near my night stand.

Carlie Cullen said...

I totally agree about needing a cup of tea and something to munch when reading - even if the book doesn't describe mouth-watering food. If it's got too much delicious-sounding food then I put on a couple of pounds!

Jenny Milchman said...

Ooh, that would make hungry, too! Sounds like a good read--thanks for the review.

Lisa Zhang Wharton said...

I'm looking forward to reading this book.