Sunday, October 2, 2011

Steamy Hair

I write steampunk books for kids. In the book I have out now, my heroine, Miriam has black curly hair. And n the book I just edited, an amazing fantasy called The Time Weaver, there is a warrior called Malia who has long, curly blond hair.

That got me thinking about hairstyles in fantasy and steampunk books. Women in fantasy have hair like this:

Oh yeah. Pure fantasy.

or this:

I can just see her as the queen of an alien planet.

or you can have the steampunk lady, like this:


And let's not forget the gentlemen:
The name's Galgadir. James Galgadir.

And we cannot forget:


I just notice that no one in fantasy has a shag, or one of those hair helmets, thus:

So, why can't Madge go on a quest for a ring that in the Darkness Binds Them? Eh?

I don't see why not, since she looked pretty fantastical getting that way:

Just look at the caption, above. Nuff said.


karastewart said...

OK, so thanks for putting in my Jacob fix! :) And maybe I'll go for the bald look. Kinda digging that. With the sequins.

Johanna Garth said...

Love the pink spiky hair. What you don't say in the blog is which hairstyle you would choose! I'd kinda like to see you with the updo and feather :)

Alison DeLuca said...

great minds think alike, Johanna! I'm definitely down for the feathered updo.