Wednesday, October 5, 2011


A few weeks back there was a bit of passionate debate between the good folks at Fantasy Island Book Publishing about the exclamation, "SQUEEEEE!" I won't name names, but it was all started by a certain author who wrote a certain book and blogs at a certain blogspot.*

The problem, this author said, is that "Squee!" while descriptive, is not very manly. Now, if you don't know what Squee! means, it's what emotional people say when they get a really nice surprise. For authors, it's what some of us (females) say when we see our names in print for the first time.


Usually, when you say it, you wave your hands around and giggle and jump up and down. I'll admit that those actions, put together, aren't very manly.

What they are saying = essence of squee

Still, men must want to show their appreciation of a fine, unexpected event sometimes, right? Is there an alternative?

Well, of course there is the socially accepted "SuhWEET!" It can be said in just as high pitched** a squeal, but it's usually followed by a punch on another guy's flexed bicep and a shot of Jack.

The thing about Squeeee! though, is that it's new. It's fresh. It's exciting. SuhWEET, however, is played, fellows.

Can't you come up with something else?

Can't you growl, "SQUOAH, dude," and fist each other in the 'nads? And go pee on a stump to prove your manliness?

In any case, if there is a fella out there who has accepted the Squee! then that guy is totally secure in his testosterone level, and Fresh Pot of Squee, I mean Tea, is so down with that.

*Oh, he is a really great author too.
**My hyphen key doesn't work. Whatup wit that, laptop gods?


Connie J Jasperson said...

Squeee!!!its a girl thang, and nbot really for men of the male persuasion... A beer in a brown paper bag while staring intently into the internal workins of the ol' car, yes, they might be able to do that. Show a little excitement - not gonna happen, unless that ol' engine actually turns over, lol!

Gary Hoover said...

SQUEEEE!! I got a mention in Alison's blog, I got a mention in Alison's blog.

. . . oh, uh, I mean. How 'bout those Phillies? That Chase Utley is something, isn't he?

. . . and NO, I have NOT noticed how cute his tight little butt looks in that uniform. . .

Johanna Garth said...

Maybe Gary could try the all purpose DUDE!! That's what my seven year old uses. It has the same kind of intonation as Squeeee except so much more manly. DUDE, did you see the 5 star review that Land of Nod just got? I mean DUDE!!!

Lisa Zhang Wharton said...

I have learnt a new and fun words. Thanks, Alison.

Joan Hazel said...

Funny. You know, I never used the term SQUEEEEE until I met you guys.