Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{simple starfish}

In my New Hersey hometown, a lot of women wear necklaces with silver circles hanging form a chain. The circles bear the names of kids or ideas, in letters that look like they were typed on an old Smith Corona typewriter.

The thing that struck me when I first saw one of the necklaces was how distinct it was. The necklace just somehow stood out, even though it was ultimately very simple. There was no "blinge-y" feel to it at all, but there was a definite quality that made it memorable.

Then I saw another piece pop up on a friend's Facebook wall, with a link to the local company that made the jewelry. The company's name was {simple starfish}

I went and clicked the Like button on the page. A few days later I got a message from another friend, in another part of the country, demanding to know about the cute jewelry on my wall.

The jewerly started to pop up everywhere. I saw one at a Daisies meeting, at a Superbowl party, at Shop Rite.

A couple of months went by. I was at a MOMS club lunch, and I met Christine, a very nice, attractive mom with good hair. (Random thought - I wish I had good hair.)

I realized who she was from the FB posts. "You're the {simple starfish} lady!" I blurted. She smiled and admitted that yes, she was.

Christine started her business in the simplest way - by making a necklace (her {little starfish}piece) and wearing it. Soon, women were asking her where she got her necklace and how, please, could they get one for themselves?

The next day, I was picking up my daughter from track, and fChristine appeared again. She handed a cute little round box to my friend Heather, and said, "Here you are!"

Heather opened the box and took out the now ubiquitous silveer circle on a chain, engraved with the names of her three daughters. "Oh, I love it!" Heather said.

If you'd like to see a picture of the {love circle} that we are all wearing, take a look at that picture above this blog. It's this piece:

You can find more at

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