Thursday, March 3, 2011

New projects

Do you read several books at once? I have one by my bed, one downstairs for "free time" (never happens) and one on my desktop.

My parents used to function that way. In fact, if you left any reading material anywhere near my mother or my father, you would find them an hour later, reading a Nancy Drew novel, the Mnemo - Neur volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica, or the newspaper lining the inside of a drawer.

Naturally, reading came very naturally to me, and I was called a good reader in school. But I'm not a good reader. I'm a bad reader; this means that if I start in on something, like my parents, you'll find me frozen to the spot an hour later. And if you say my name while I"m in the throes of a good book, I won't hear you, probably. Reading, for me, is a vice.

Writing is the same way. Today I'm working on a sequel to The Night Watchman express as well as continuing a Christmas story for kids, editing my first novel over for possible publication, reading / editing a wonderful book by my friend Trin Denise...

It's a schizoid way to live. But that's just me.

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west_2552 said...

I started reading Winter's Bone by Daniel Woodrell (wonderfully descriptive book-- I recommend it) and then my friend announced her first publication on Amazon's Kindle!! By the way, Winter's bone was my first Kindle download, and The Night Watchman Express my second. So, I virtually have two books in one spot. I do try to finish one before starting another!! Not true with my sewing projects, unfortunately!!

I have so many hard copies that I have not read sitting around here at home, so will probably not be doing too much downloading at first. On the other hand, my husband and I are going away for a week-long vacation in a couple of weeks, so what better way to take along a lot of reading material?? Gotta love Kindle for that!!

I used to sit rooted to a spot, totally absorbed in a good book. Guess it was back in my younger days when responsibilities were fewer and the need to get up and stretch my old bones did not yet exist! Now I feel badly that I have gotten away from doing so much reading. I can actually put a book down at a really crucial spot in the plot and then come back to it later on. Guess it's because I know the story is not going to change and I can pick up where I left off. I think, too, that getting myself involved in so many other things has kind of thrown off my reading habit and chewed up my time. I guess I could compare reading to my love of sewing-- it's a great hobby, but I need to make time for it. I just need to get my priorities straightened out, huh?? Anyway, reading is not a vice. Not reading is a crime and a shame.