Friday, March 4, 2011

Being an author

Writing is a funny thing. It's done in isolation, for the most part. As I write, I see stories happening and I type them into my little file as quickly as I can. From time to time I'll check in to see what my online author friends are doing, and have a quick giggle with them as I check, but the rest of the working day is silence, punctuated by the sound of the keyboard clicking away.

After I published my book, The Night Watchman Express (and, yes, this is more shameless self-promotion) I suddenly was bombarded by this weird fact - PEOPLE ARE READING MY BOOK.

It's a fantastic thing, and I thank my publisher, Fantasy Island Book Publishing for it, but it is very odd. Here is this little world that I created, and all of a sudden readers are sharing that world, changing it - and me - for ever.

More shameless promotion:

If you are one of those readers, then thank you, thank you so much for allowing me to take you on this strange journey with me.


west_2552 said...

And I'm one of those readers!! Funny, Alison, I was just thinking of the reader/writer circle of benefits yesterday, with the recent publication of your book. We readers are benefitting by imersing ourselves in another world as we flip through your pages. One of the things I really like about the written word is that, for each person that reads a book, that book is transformed into a certain setting within each reader's mind. We have our own little "movie" going on in our heads, and each "movie" is different-- each reader creates his or her own scenario.

So, we the readers benefit by enjoying a good book, but the author (I'm assuming, and I think my assumption is right on the mark) benefits not only by the income that he or she generates with book sales, BUT ALSO the incredible joy brought about by creating something that brings so much pleasure to readers, both the familiar and the unknown.

Bet you're pursuing that sequel with renewed gumption!! We're very proud and happy to go on this journey with you, Alison!!

Alison DeLuca said...

Indeed I am!

Nothing like that little movie you watch in your head while reading a good book.