Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Maytag Woman

Our washing machine is broken. It's really, really broken, as in: the circuit board is fried. Good news, though; I married an engineer, so he can fix it!
Hurray! It's an engineer!

Except he can't. No one sells parts. When he called the local appliance store for a new circuit board, they laughed at him and told him to buy a new machine.

Now my husband, when he gets on a mission, is a bulldog. He just won't give up. He scoured heaven and earth (google) to find those parts.
any excuse to add a photo of a dog

And Lo! They will arrive on our doorstep this week, and he can fix the washer.

Here's the thing, though. I am DROWNING in laundry right now. We had just come back from a trip to the beach before the breakdown. Trips to the beach mean dirtying huge, heavy things, like beach towels. They tower in great dirty piles all over my house.

Plus, I'm doling out clean socks like a miser. And pajamas. ("Wear them another night, you're too young to sweat yet.")

I never realized how much I loved my washing machine until I didn't have it any more. I'm ready to grab those towels and socks and head out for a river and two flat rocks.

Oh, don't laugh at me, Mr. Maytag! I'm down to wearing those old pants, not that I was ever a fashion plate anyway, and the T-shirt that I wore to paint my mom's house. The shirt is black, the paint was white - you do the math.

So please, reading public, please cross your fingers for me that those parts arrive in the mail today. And give your own washing machine a pat from me.


Jack said...

I now want to hug my washing machine and send you chocolate. Nothing is worse then an invading army of dirty clothing, unless it is dirty dishes.

Hoping it comes! I'll send you a sword so you can fight it all off.

Johanna Garth said...

From the lady who does 1-2 loads of laundry every deepest sympathies and I hope your husband gets it fixed pronto!!

Anonymous said...

Stopping over from Twitter to say hello! Life is tough without the washer and dryer. Hope the parts arrive today. Me, I'd rather pay to have a pro fix it rather than mess it up more.

Unknown said...

Why are you not goign to the laundromat.. OMG I WOULD GO NUTS with the dirty clothes, I do not envy you once he fixes it. We will not see you for days and when we do you will have drier sheets trapped in your hair and lint hanging off the tip of your nose, plus a case of PTSD from folding! We may need to call the ER to un-clinch your hands from the laundry soap handle!