Friday, June 15, 2012


Yesterday my daughter got the best thing in the world - a huge, brown paper package from London, covered with overseas stamps. You can't tie packages up with string anymore, alas. They get caught in the newfangled Post Office machinery.

The box came from her aunt in London. There is a lot going on in the city these days. It's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (did you watch the flotilla? And the parades? And did you see Catherine's red dress?) and of course the Olympics are coming up over the summer.

We were in London this year to visit. Of course my daughter wanted to visit Harrod's, that was destination number one, and Buckingham Palace. Sorry, Your Majesty, but shopping rates over your house. As we walked past the palace two things happened:

The flag was up, meaning that the Queen was At Home.
A helicopter flew in and landed. And I just know it was Prince Harry, aka Charming, Handsome, Heroic Prince.

And here's what happened in Harrods:

Shopping, duh.
Tea in the children's tea room, complete with chalkboards and a treehouse and yummy organic food.

Are you wondering what was in the package? My daughter had it ripped open by this time. Inside were loads of "pressies," including:

A teddy bear commemorating the Diamond jubilee
Chocolates shaped like crowns, ditto
An eggcup, ditto
A mug and a spoon, ditto
A tin of shortbread
T shirt with a sequin dog that says "We Are Not Amused" (our new favorite shirt)
A book of puzzles about the Olympic Games
Olympic chocolates
ANOTHER T shirt for the Olympic Games in London

Isn't that just beyond thrilling? Doesn't she have the best auntie ever? How on earth will we convey our thanks to London for all the gorgeous things?

If you have any ideas, leave them here.


Jack said...

oh! OH! A REAL brown paper package! Oh! Oh, it has been a dream of mine to get one of those, you give me hope that not everyone has forgotten about brown paper packages!

London, oh that sounds wonderful! (I heard, I think, rumors that Matt Smith will be carrying the torch for the games...I hope this is true as that would be the most amazing thing ever..)

Alison DeLuca said...

There's nothing better than getting a real brown paper package! In fact, for special Christmas gifts I now go brown paper, string, sealing wax, and retro labels. they look so lovely and retro when they're wrapped.

Teresa Cypher said...

I just remembered I saw this post while I was at work and couldn't comment, but am back now to tell you that, Yes! She does have the best auntie, ever!

I love what Diana's influence on the royal family has done. They are so different now than how I remembered them while growing up. Diana's sons are handsome princes, indeed! And I think they are good people, a tad more humble than their father.

And I do think its wonderful that your daughter has that family connection to the UK--and her aunt is active in her life, even with the wide "pond" between them. :-)

Eli M. Clark said...

Wow! I want a real brown paper package! They just look so whimsical to me. That's going to be my gifting theme for Christmas this year!

Carlie Cullen said...

Being from across the pond, brown paper packages are ordinary to me, but I can understand the excitement and fascination for you folks.

Princess Diana did make a huge impact on the royal family, she made them more approachable and put them more in touch with the people. To this day, she still lives in the hearts of many over here (myself included) and her lagacy will never be forgotten!

If you want to thank London, Allie, the best way is come back for another longer visit, sooner rather than later, and meet me for tea in Harrods!! :o