Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Team Bella, Team Liz

I can't help liking the actress who plays Bella Swan in the Twilight movies. For one thing, she's exquisite, with that white skin and long dark hair. I also like her clothes. She doesn't totter around in shoes that resemble stilts, like some Housewives that I could mention.

Yeah, um - OUCH

I like that cool shirt Bella wore in the first movie with the sleeves that pulled down over her thumbs. She rocks the screen in normal clothes instead of impossible corsets this woman would never seriously consider.

I actually think I have that jacket in my closet. I need the mittens, though.

Liz Salander also dresses comfortably, unless she's in full gothic punk mode:

That girl rocks the faux hawk, by the way.

Oh, I nearly forgot Alice Cullen, who has perfected the vamp-ingenue look:

I'd wear that. I wouldn't LOOK like that, but I would wear it.

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