Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Devil's Kitchen

I have been working with Lisa Daly, my wonderful cover artist, for a few weeks now on my upcoming Kindle title, Devil's Kitchen. It's the second volume in my Crown Phoenix series, and it is the sequel to the print edition of The Night Watchman  Express.

And I'm just so excited by what she developed for me that I've been hooting and hollering and jumping around ever since I first saw it. And maybe I have dropped a few tears. And giggled in inappropriate places.

Pssssst - it's up there

By the way, Lisa is a phenomenal artist. Here is her Paper Wasp:

And her Dogbane Beetle:

 My cover concept artist, who worked with Lisa, is a writer as well as a book cover wizard. Her name is J. J. Makins, and she is the author of the novel, The King of Egypt. 

I really had a dream team to develop the cover for Devil's Kitchen with my own Mana leaning out of the frame at the bottom, underneath that mysterious house. And this post is really a letter of thanks to two lovely, talented artists.

Thanks, Lisa! Thanks, J.J.!


Alison DeLuca said...

Testing this post for comments ability - come on, Blogspot :E

Lisa Zhang Wharton said...

Nice art.

Lisa Zhang Wharton said...

I really like the color and texture of the water color paintings by LIsa.

Dwight Okita said...

Where'd you get the girl from with her hands crossed on her chest? I like her. Reminds me of the girl form the Addams Family.

karastewart said...

Beautiful art, Lisa Daly! And Alison, I want a print copy of Devil's Kitchen when it comes out! :)