Saturday, February 7, 2015

Review of Heart Search 3: Betrayal by Carlie Cullen and #Giveaway

As the story of Remy and Joshua came to a close, I realized how much I would miss their universe, so ably created by author Carlie Cullen. Her clear prose and character development made this paranormal trilogy stand out in a crowded field.

In Heart Search: Betrayal, Cullen has hit her stride as an author. The plot arcs are handling with a deft touch, revealing several fascinating stories at once. Jakki, who was one of my favorite characters in the second book, has a large part in this section. Remy and Josh have their own story to bring to a conclusion, as well as Remy’s identical twin, Becky.

There is the internal political conflict within the world of vampires, and this leads to the main betrayal of the title. A shadowy Phoenix masterminds a terrible kidnapping, developing one of my favorite parts of the story. Erika, a minor character, must survive a terrible ordeal – one she handles with intelligence and grace.

Betrayal is an ongoing theme in the book. Becky feels betrayed by Remy who, in turn, feels betrayed by Joshua. All of this interacts in a fascinating web of development, complete with another set of twins with strange powers, birds who listen and respond to Remy, and the history of vampirism.
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In the end it is a sense of self that raises the characters above their circumstances. Remy comes to terms with her new identity as mother, wife, and vampire, while Becky discovers something very interesting about the family’s past.

This multi-layered tale unfolds so effortlessly it’s easy to miss the mastery behind the writing. Cullen’s prose drew me in and made me get lost in the story.

It’s always a satisfying but sad moment when a series comes to an end. I’ll miss Remy and Joshua, but I’m certain Cullen has more for us up her sleeve.


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It was hard to resist reading your review, but I did resist. I don't read reviews until mine is posted and will be back then. I can see that you loved it though. Can't wait to share mine!